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There’s lots of music streaming service available on the internet. But what comes first in mind when you are thinking of “music streaming”? It’s none other than Spotify! They have taken the music industry for both music artists & listeners by storm. has acquired the no. 1 position within a very short span of time.  As of January 2018, the number of paid subscriber for spotify is around 70 million. This number is way more than any other music streaming site worldwide.  The number of free spotify users around the world is 140 million. Anyone can easily guess the level of popularity of spotify with these stats. Because of this popularity, tons musicians are looking to buy spotify plays or streams in recent times. And the need for spotify promotion service is on the peak now.


Music Forum promotion, Youtube monetization, Music Press Release, Artist Interview Publication, Facebook Advertisements, StreamByte will help you to achieve your desired target through these process and will ensure you royalty paid spotify streams & followers.

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Spotify Promotion : Top Rated Service

Spotify allow both music artists & listeners to have free account. But one must know that, the free spotify account comes with tons of advertisements. You can easily bypass this advertisements with spotify premium accounts. But the paid subscription will cost you $9.99 per month.  If you’re not sure what fits you best, you can always start with spotify trial. Within the spotify trial period you can assess the benefits & usability of spotify premium account. Spotify runs different types of promotional campaign as well. For example, last week they offered HULU free with spotify premium account. In past, several times they have offered spotify premium account for free. So if you are keen to redeem such offers, do search “spotify premium free 2018” or “spotify premium free 2019” on Google.


Spotify is the most organized platform to browse fresh music by genre, artist, album or playlists. And with its organized structure & hassle free navigation, spotify has become the most popular music streaming app among listeners. With the pay per stream method, spotify attracted huge number of music artists as well. In comparison to other music streaming sites, spotify is ranking no. 1 because of their pay per stream method.


Spotify vs Apple Music vs Google Play Music:

The main market dominance competition goes between Spotify & Apple Music. These two giant eye-balling each other to claim the no. 1 position for a very long time. But one cannot rule out the total existence of Google Play Music as well. But as per numbers & stats Spotify & Apple Music are the two key player of the music streaming market. As per spotify stats 2018, Spotify have acquired 70 million monthly subscribers where as Apple music got 40 million monthly subscribers. But Apple music has shown significant number of growth as they have started almost 9 years later than spotify.


One can get these numbers easily as they are widely available on the internet. But there are some other factors available which are not widely discussed & which can sets apart these two music streaming giants.  Spotify is famous on both Google play store & ios store. But since apple music is owned by apple inc, it’s comparatively more popular on ios store than the Google Play Store. Apple music lost a chunk of users only because of this. More over music artists need to pay more on Apple music to enjoy even some basic features. For example, Spotify Playlist submission is completely free whereas music artists can only create limited number of playlist under free subscription.


Among Apple Music & Spotify, Spotify is widely popular among the listener base. With the large number of organic listener base around the world music artists on spotify receives significant amount of free spotify plays & streams along with organic listener base. Through organic spotify playlist submission, music artists get their track on different spotify playlist without even knowing.

spotify romotion streamsbyte

Spotify Promotion in 2019

Get the best spotify promotion service

Do spotify music artists need spotify promotion?” This question might emerge on your mind. With the increased number of music artists on spotify the market is now saturated than ever. A report on statista mentioned that relatively 20,000 songs are uploaded on daily basis on spotify. And 5 million free spotify playlist are being edited or created on daily basis. These stats clearly state the amount of competition growing within spotify community. So, the answer to the initial query is, yes music artists need spotify promotion. Though there is certain level of free music promotion is provided by spotify. But if a musician is ambitious regarding his/her music career there is no alternative of spotify music promotion. The scenario of spotify promotion in 2018 is quite different now than last year. Musicians are more concern about authentic spotify promotion. They just can’t rely on freeallmusic app anymore.

Music artists need listener base. They need listeners who are enthusiastic about their music. Moreover, a huge audience structure is a metric to calculate the popularity. Listeners tend to value musicians with significant number of followers. Furthermore, spotify tracks with large number of streams prone to rank higher within the spotify search engine.


Keeping that in mind, Musicians are now more interested to buy spotify streams. More spotify streams not only help musicians to earn paid royalty but also attract more organic streams. In past, Spotify streaming service was really expensive. As a result, Not many musicians were interested to buy spotify streams. There wasn’t many company available from whom they could buy cheap spotify plays. But spotify promotion in 2018 have changed drastically. Authentic Spotify promotion company like have facilitated musician community with affordable spotify promotion services. With award winning services from, Musicians now doesn’t stutter upon how to get more spotify playlist followers. They just visit and buy spotify playlist followers or spotify streams or whatever they might need. Now musicians doesn’t need high end budget to promote their music online. With service such this, musicians now have the freedom to be heard by millions of listeners out there.


Many music artist often finds it crucial to have publication on music magazine that might boost up their career as musician. At our promotion method includes online music magazine publication. To achieve our promised number of campaign result we do publish interview or music press release on online magazine.


Brand awareness or identity is on of the most pivotal topic to market anything or anyone. Promoting with eye catchy or attractive brand material creates a ripple effect that results in positive outcome. At we have designers, marketing analysts, promotion expert at our disposal to make your spotify promotion effective.


At we own several top ranking music networks and partnered with several music forums, music blog, youtube channels to promote our beloved clients and make their spotify promotion campaign successful. To gain spotify streams or spotify artist followers, it is a must to collaborate with music networks.

Why music artists need spotify promotion?

With increased number of music artists joining on spotify on regular basis, the competition is higher than ever. Roughly, 20000 songs daily are uploaded on spotify. It’s a huge number for any musicians who are looking to get organic attraction for their music. With the advancement of growth rate of spotify this competition for free music promotion will go even deeper. Musicians need to depend on online marketing firm such as to get heard by millions. That’s why artists need spotify promotion so that they don’t wonder how to get more spotify followers or streams.

Targeted Spotify Plays or Streams

Targeted Spotify plays are on demand in recent times. Musicians are not confined wihtin worldwide promotion anymore. As targeted spotify streams are essential to be listed on the spotify local chart, more and more musicians are demanding to get targeted spotify promotion. Keeping that in mind, streamsbyte has exclusively introduced country targeted spotify promotion service.

We are charging less than any other company in the world. We made the geo targeted spotify promotion easy and available to all the musicians around the world. Country targeted spotify plays will also help artists to increase their monthly listeners as well as boost spotify plays. We are facilitating musicians who wants to buy targeted spotify plays with the following countries: US, UK, NETHERLAND, SWEDEN, SPAIN, BRAZIL, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, CANADA & MANY MORE.


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“Streamsbyte has been our trusted spotify promotion partner for many years. They are professional, helpful and offer great service to artists and consumers alike. We are very happy to be in business with them.”

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– Sya RnB, Rhythm & Blues

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“I was searching for the best and authentic spotify promotion agency for so long. Then I stumbled upon on They are very friendly and effective. They are very much reliable to work with.

– Hiphopkarma, HipHop

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“With proper reporting and great result have already achieved my trust. Whenever I release any track I give them a heads up beforehand and they take care of the rest.”

– Dj Hardwerk, Pop

How does spotify promotion?

Unlike others in the market, does completely legit spotify promotion. We have SEO specialists, Social media expert, Market outreach expert, Ad expert, and video marketer in our team. Our main motive is to please our clients with authentic spotify promotion. Our spotify promotion service is tried & valued by many top artists in the music industry. Spotify promotion for artist is quite sensitive. Doing it wrong might lead to penalty by spotify. Many companies in the market like streamify are using unethical spotify bot to gain spotify streams. So every musician should be careful while choosing spotify promotion service providing company. doesn’t provide promotion opportunity for only musicians but also for independent spotify playlist owners. With our spotify playlist promotion service one can easily get their desired playlist famous.


Now, how does our team promote spotify music? Well, we have some proven method to increase spotify streams or followers. Our methods are completely legit & not so secret. Let’s take a look below how does spotify promotion:


  • Promotion through targeted music forums: is associated with some leading music forums. Through this exclusive partnership we reach targeted audience and drive the traffic back to our client’s spotify music.


  • Spotify music promotion through paid advertisement: No one can deny the power of paid advertisement on different social media & search engines. Using this method we captivate targeted spotify streams or followers for our clients. We mostly use Facebook advertisements & Google Ads. If you are looking to buy spotify followers from targeted country, this method will work like charm for you.


  • Integrated promotion through Banner Ads & Email Campaign: At, we own email list consisting around 26,000 music enthusiasts. To achieve promised number of spotify followers & spotify plays we will also do catchy email campaign & banner ads on the partnered website.


  • Spotify promotion through Music Press Release & Artist Interview Publication: For spotify promotion, this method is exclusively done by only To achieve certain milestone of spotify followers & plays we publish music press release and artist’s interview publication. This method will surely help you if you are looking to buy spotify playlist followers or artist profile followers.