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Music streaming industry has made people lives a lot easier.  To keep up with the smartphone industry music cd has been replaced with music streaming sites. People are now more prone to lean toward music streaming sites than radio or music records. There are a handful of music streaming sites are available. Some of the eminent sites are: Spotify, iTunes (Apple Music), Google play music, soundcloud etc. If we consider the volume of subscriber, spotify seems to be the big daddy of the music streaming market. As of 2019, the monthly music subscriber has expanded by 16% and reached to 229.9 million. Because of the arising competition within the market musicians now tend to buy spotify  plays or streams more than ever.

If you are deciding between apple music & spotify or vice versa, you need to have a look on their stats first. Both platforms possess indistinguishable song quality. But the free plan is where the main differences are set. Though both spotify and apple music’s premium plan costs same but Apple music doesn’t have a freemium plan. On the other hand, spotify have a freemium plan that allows spotify listeners to enjoy spotify with ads.

Now let’s get back to our original topic. The increasing stat of spotify indicate both positive and negative outcome for musicians. In one hand it shows that more listeners are signing up on spotify. But, it also indicates healthy competition among musicians. The spotify market is saturated than ever. With 41 million spotify tracks available currently there is a very little room for new tracks to get noticed. Having that in mind spotify is now a jungle where lions need to possess a good fight to survive. Comparing the situation of 2008-09, free music promotion doesn’t work anymore. Musicians who pursue music as their career affiliate with prominent music promotion agencies to buy spotify plays. They rely on the music promotion services provided by those music agencies. Now an ethical question might emerge, are these music promotion services, legit? Well, if you partnered up with spotify promotion agency such as, yes they are legit.


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It is now really tough to get noticed because of the increasing contest among musicians. New and fresh musicians are struggling to draw the attention of the spotify listeners. With big fishes like Jay Z, Drake, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran swimming in the sea, comparatively fresh musicians doesn’t get enough chance of being noticed. That does why remarkable numbers of musicians depend on spotify promotion services. Right after releasing a new track on spotify they tend to buy spotify plays or buy spotify streams.

If you are comparatively a new musician, you might wonder how to increase spotify streams. Well, what most of the other musicians do, is, they buy spotify streams from Some of them even purchase spotify playlist promotion service. Now a million dollar question might arise. Is it safe to buy spotify streams or buy spotify playlist promotion service? The answer is, it is only safe if you choose the right music promotion agency such as The music promotion industry is swarming with thousands of fake spotify promotion services. They will allow you to buy spotify plays cheap. They might also be your answer of “how to get 1 million streams on spotify”. But mark our word they are not safe at all. Your account will be banned or restricted due to those cheap services.

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Email promotion is one of the oldest yet the most effective method to promote spotify music online. We have an email list consisting million of worldwide subscriber to promote spotify through email campaign.

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Publishing press release and gaining traffic from it is one of our proven promotion method. Through this method we don’t only gain spotify streams or plays but also build brand visibility.