How to Build Spotify Playlist: Editorial vs Algorithmic

Dane Jones

Dane Jones

The age of streaming music has created an abundance of content at our fingertips. More than just an opportunity to hear our favorite songs, streaming services has become a source of new discovery. But with so many options, how do you find the right tracks? That’s where curated playlists come in. You see them everywhere: on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Soundcloud playlist and other streaming services. These lists are hand-picked by music experts and algorithmic recommendations to help users discover new content they love based on their listening preferences. With so many ways to make a playlist, which one is best for your needs? In this article, we’ll walk you through algorithmic vs editorial playlists on Spotify, as well as everything you need to know about how to build spotify playlist.

Editorial Spotify Playlists

Editorial playlists are created by human curators who select the specific tracks for the playlist. This means you can be certain that the songs in your playlist are exactly what the playlist creator wanted you to hear. This is great news for music lovers who want to hear only the best content from their favorite artists. Also, if you’re looking to build a strong foundation for your favorite songs, editorial playlists are a great place to start.Editorial playlists are excellent for introducing new music to your ears. The “Indie Rock Mixtape” playlist, for example, features indie rock hits from popular artists like Arctic Monkeys, Foster The People, and more. These are the tracks that get people excited about the genre of indie rock, with tracks mixed in by artists that are lesser-known but just as worthy of your attention. Editorial playlists are tailored to specific themes, moods, or events. Explore the “Hits” or “Pop” categories for popular hits from the last two years, or browse the “Indie” playlist for indie favorites from the past decade. These themed playlists are great for parties, road trips, or whenever you’re in the mood to hear something new.

Algorithmic Spotify Playlists

Algorithmic playlists are created by Spotify’s algorithm, which uses your listening history to recommend songs. These playlists don’t have any specific tracks; rather, they’re based on the music you’ve been listening to the most. The more you use Spotify, the more likely you’ll see these recommendations on your home screen. That’s because they are meant to reflect your tastes and keep you engaged with the platform by providing more songs that you like.

Some advantages to using algorithmic playlists include the ease of building a playlist you enjoy without any additional effort. You just need to listen to a few songs, and the algorithm will take care of the rest. Algorithmic playlists are also great for when you’re short on time, trying to unwind, or discovering new music to add to your favorites. Although algorithmic playlists provide you with instant music, there are some drawbacks to note.

Since Spotify’s algorithm is based on your listening history, it may not always know what type of music you’re looking for. You may end up with an endless stream of content that’s over or under what you’re in the mood for. These playlists are also tailored to your individual tastes and may not fit the needs of those who are trying to discover new music. If you’re looking to discover new music that you don’t already know, algorithmic playlists likely won’t be helpful.

The “ Discover ” Section

The “Discover” section of Spotify is where you’ll find both editorial and algorithmic playlists curated by popular artists, record labels, and music festivals. Some of the most popular artists on Spotify regularly publish new playlists in this section. For example, Drake’s “Ultimate” playlist features top hits from popular artists like Juice WRLD, Dua Lipa, and French Montana. These playlists are different from the rest because they can be completely different from week to week. Discover playlists are updated often and shuffle the tracks that are featured in each list. If you like a specific playlist, you can save it to your Spotify account to listen to it later. Discover playlists are a great way to discover new music from your favorite artists and get insight into their taste.

Pro tip: Mix up your playlists with both editorial and algorithmic recommendations

If you’re just getting started with Spotify and building your playlists. You should experiment with both editorial and algorithmic playlists. Editorial playlists give you a hand-curated track list with only the best songs, but algorithmic recommendations will introduce you to a wide variety of new music. Editorial playlists are best for when you know what you’re looking for, while algorithmic playlists are best when you don’t. And both are excellent ways to get more out of your Spotify subscription.

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