How to See Who Likes Your Spotify Playlist

How to See Who Likes Your Spotify Playlist – Playlist Monitoring Tips

Spotify playlists are an amazing tool. It lets anyone curate and share their favorite pieces of music for the world to see. And if you’ve been using this platform for a while, chances are, you have made one or two playlists yourself.

Whether you create a playlist for personal use or curate music professionally, it feels nice when people appreciate your taste. And if you want to know how many likes there are on your Spotify playlist, there’s a feature here that lets you do exactly that.

How to See Who Likes Your Spotify Playlist?

In this article, we will explore this question and help you understand how you can check who likes your Spotify playlist easily with the app. Let’s get started.

How to See Who Likes Your Spotify Playlist?

Back in the olden days of Spotify, it used to be a straightforward path when you wanted to check who liked your playlist. But as of 2013, Spotify removed the feature.

So now, whenever someone likes your playlist, you can see the number of likes increase, but the user who liked your playlist remains anonymous.

And that’s pretty unfortunate since this has been one of the most sought-after features in the platform since then.

Many users have come together to petition for this feature to return to the platform, but Spotify is yet to take a step toward bringing it back. So there’s no easy way to check who likes your playlist on Spotify today.

Alternative Way to See Who Likes Your Spotify Playlist

An alternative way to track spotify playlist followers and likes your playlist is to check your own profile. Spotify gives you a list of followers for your profile, which means if a user is subscribed to your playlist, you can find his information in that tab.

This might not be the best way to see everyone who likes your Spotify playlist, but this is still the only way available to get a general idea about your followers.

If you want to check whether your friends have liked your playlist, you could, of course, ask them directly about it. But the alternative way here is to visit their Spotify profile. If they are subscribed to your playlist, it should appear in their profile.

However, if they are subscribed to multiple playlists, yours might not show up in the list.

How To Check the Number of Likes on Your Spotify Playlist?

While checking the profile of those who like your playlist is not exactly a possibility, you can still check how many likes you are getting on your playlist. Here are the steps to check it:

For PC/Mac:

  • Open the Spotify client on your computer.
  • From the left sidebar of your client, select a playlist that you’ve created yourself.
  • You should be able to see the number of likes just under the name of the playlist.

For Android/iOS:

  • Open the Spotify app on your smartphone
  • Tap on “Your Library” to access your playlists and select one that you’ve made.
  • The number of likes is located just beside the globe icon under the playlist name.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Spotify tell someone you liked their playlist?

No, Spotify does not notify the creator of a playlist when someone likes it. Your like remains anonymous to the playlist creator unless you choose to share your appreciation directly with them.

  • Can you see who downloaded your Spotify playlist?

No, Spotify does not provide a feature to see who has downloaded your playlist. The platform focuses on playlist engagement through likes, shares, and followers rather than downloads.

  • Can Spotify artists see who likes their playlist?

Spotify does not disclose the specific information of individuals who like an artist’s playlist. Artists and playlist creators can see the overall number of likes and followers, but the identities of individual users remain anonymous to them.

The Bottom Line

Although there’s no viable way to check the profile of those who like your playlist, by looking at the number of likes, you’ll get an idea of how many people share your musical taste.

And once you see your playlist getting a lot of traction, you might even want to start making playlists professionally. Good luck!

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