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Dane Jones

Dane Jones


In today’s world only composing music would not help an artist to establish a strong connection with their fans. The situation have shifted to a change and leaned towards requirements. Your music lays the foundation for connecting with your fans but If you want to develop a strong bond with your audience than one must do something out of the box. One must find as many ways as you can to reach your audience, making them feel you as more than an artist.


Here’s 3 key things you should do as musicians:

1)Tell the story behind the music.
2)Telling about your influences.
3)Sharing Yourself

Tell the story behind the music:

Artists that tends to tell their fans about the motivation factor behind the music composing, the story of each writing session and how the music is finally compiled- create much deep connection with their fans than those who don’t. In order to achieve this, it is not necessary that one must know “deeper meanings” behind their music.

Anything about the creative aspect of the music industry will be upheld by those looking to communicate with you – and these moments of frankness will go a long way towards separating you from the rest.

Here are some ideas:

  • Explain what’s your song is about.
  • Where you were exactly when you create it.
  • How much important is this for you?
  • How you evolved as an artist during its creation?

Telling about your influences:

Today fans love to know about the ideals of their favorite artists. They want to know how those ideals helped them in evolving as musician. Making a video on how a particular song means to you or how it influences you for future composing, will help you in developing a unique connection with your fans. We had a client who hired us for spotify plays promotion from Netherlands. During his camapign we published a journal and an interview that brought more engagement than anything else.

Sharing Yourself:

Another important thing is explaining your fans about yourself. This includes what are your feeling as a person and what are your future objectives for your music. Social media and other communication platforms have shaped the music industry. So use this as a tool to build a following of your dreams. For instance you can take a look at Demi Lovato’s history.

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